formerly EDQM, Council of Europe

Dr. Ulrich Rose

Dr. Ulrich

is pharmacist by training and obtained his PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry in 1985. Before joining the EDQM in 1991 he was assistant professor and lecturer for pharmaceutical analysis and physico-chemistry at the University of Mainz in Germany.

Until 2011 he was responsible for the establishment and monitoring of Ph. Eur. reference standards in the European Pharmacopoeia laboratory. Moreover, he was involved in the elaboration and revision of Ph. Eur. monographs. After that he became co-ordinator and auditor for EDQM’s Mutual Joint Audit programme. Within this function he audited the Official Medicines Control Laboratories in and sometimes outside Europe. Since 2014 he has been Head of Division A and Deputy Head of the European Pharmacopoeia Department, where he has been overlooking the monograph work on chemically defined substances, herbals, medicinal products and general chapters and has been involved in the international harmonisation of pharmacopoeias.