Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Dr. Malgorzata Meunier

Dr. Malgorzata

is Deputy General Manager for Europe at Panaxia Pharmaceuticals Ltd., responsible for the global business expansion and regulatory & innovation strategy of Panaxia's pharmaceutical products based on medical cannabis. She has been working in international pharmaceutical companies in France and Switzerland for the past 18 years, acting as R&D Lead and Principal Scientist in GSK Consumer Healthcare, Sunstar, Vifor Pharma, OM Pharma. She is an expert in the pharmaceutical development of drug products in various galenic formats (liquids, semi-liquids and solids).

Dr. Malgorzata Meunier was born and raised in Poland, lived and studied in France, and worked and gained professional experience in Switzerland and Israel. She holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Strasbourg (France), as well as a Master’s degree from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France) and an Interuniversity Diploma in Medical Cannabis, from the Faculty of Medicine Paris Saclay in cooperation with the University of Montpellier.