What is a webinar?

Webinars are innovative, modern forms of teaching that establish direct contact between speakers and participants.

A webinar is a concentrated transfer of knowledge lasting 60 to 90 minutes on average within the framework of an online event as a presentation or small seminar. 

In live mode, it takes place at set times on the Internet and is broadcast there on a special webinar platform. After booking, you will receive an invitation email from us for registration. The confirmation email that follows after registration contains your individual participation link. Open this link in any browser at the time of the webinar to automatically participate in the webinar.

Some topics, however, will be recorded by us in advance, so that you have the option of retrieving them up at any time and can thus easily integrate them into your daily routine. You can watch and listen to the speaker's presentation conveniently on your screen - no matter where you are. According to your available time and preferences you plan (without us) how and when to view the webinar flexibly. No travel is necessary.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended to add certain domains to the so-called positive list of the respective email server to ensure the smooth reception of emails from GoToWebinar. Below you will find the support link with the corresponding domains for the positive list of the email server, which you are welcome to forward to your IT department in case of need: https://support.logmeininc.com/de/gotomeeting/help/why-didnt-i-get-my-reset-password-email-g2m090077.

What does a webinar offer?

Attending a webinar is easy to fit into your daily schedule due to its flexible timing and location.

Travel is not necessary. This means that you can continue to work around the training. You can view the webinar conveniently from anywhere via PC, tablet or smartphone with Internet access, webcam and headset (or audio output). During a live webinar, you are in direct contact with the presenter in real time via the online platform. Interactive communication on the topics is possible and, due to the live nature of the webinar, it is also possible to clarify questions directly via chat. It is not necessary to install any special programs.

Under the current circumstances, webinars are the perfect way to stay up to date in terms of knowledge.

How do I get my participation link for a live webinar?

You will automatically receive a confirmation (directly from Goto Webinar) with your personal participation link when your booking is processed. You will also always find it again in the reminder emails one day or one hour before the live webinar starts.

You don't have time on the day of the online live event?

You are interested in a live event, but do not have time on the day of the event? Then you are welcome to order the recording in advance via the booking form by telling us your request in the "Comments" field. As soon as the webinar has been successfully recorded, you will automatically receive an email from us the following day with your personal link and the slides for your webinar. You can then watch the recording whenever your schedule allows.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is a particular form of distance learning that is becoming increasingly popular. The biggest plus point is the enormous flexibility in terms of time and space. Face-to-face seminars are location-bound - whereas with e-learning, as with a webinar, you choose your own learning location, as long as it has Internet access. You also decide when you want to attend the training. You do not have to inform us about this. Learning at your own pace - this is what e-learning offers, in that you control the presentation yourself, just like with a media player. E-learnings are recordings that have been specially designed for this purpose or are recordings of live webinars that have already been held. They are accessed via a simple web link. You will receive the associated material, e.g. the PDF of the slides shown, from us by email together with the personal link.

Some of our webinar series last several hours. The individual webinar parts usually build on each other. You can stop the summarized recording at any time and thus also view it separately by parts. Completely individually.

How does the booking of a recording work?

You will find all webinar recordings on our homepage at www.alphatopics.de. Once you have registered and logged in, we will promptly email you the booking confirmation with the associated recording link and the PDF of the slides shown. Please also note the possibility of cost-effective group and package bookings for your company.

A cancellation/change of the order after sending the access codes and/or slides is no longer possible.

How will any questions be resolved?

Should any questions arise on your side during the live webinar or even during the e-learning, you are welcome to send them to us at any time by email to fragen(at)alphatopics.de. We will forward them to be answered by the speaker for you.

How do I receive a certificate of attendance?

You participated in a live webinar? Then you will automatically receive an email a few hours after the end of the event, in which we thank you again for your participation and ask for a short evaluation of Alphatopics. In this email you will find a link to download your certificate. Since this is created individually, the download may sometimes take a little longer. We ask for your patience.

Have you successfully completed an e-learning course? Then write to us at info(at)alphatopics.de with your request for a confirmation of participation. This will automatically feature the date of your booking. In case your company should insist that you prove the actual date of viewing the webinar - please point this out in your message. Thank you very much.

How can I participate in a test webinar?

You can also visit the Get Ready for Your First Webinar page of GoToWebinar to make sure you are prepared in time!

Click the GoToMeeting - Join Now button below.

GoToMeeting -  Join now

  • Confirm "This web page is trying to open GoTo Opener" by clicking Open.
  • You will be automatically admitted to the session.
  • Set up your audio and camera functions and click I'm ready.
  • When "Waiting for Olivia the Organizer" appears, you are a participant in the test session! You will be able to join all future GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining sessions from this computer. You can now close the Waiting for Olivia the Organizer screen to end the test session.
  • If the "Waiting for Olivia the Organizer" screen does not appear, a problem has occurred. Ensure that all system requirements for participants are met or access troubleshooting tips in the Help section and frequently asked questions about participation.
I am unable to attend my session.... Technical support

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended to add certain domains to the so-called positive list of the respective email server to ensure the smooth reception of emails from GoTo-Webinar. Below you will find the support link with the corresponding domains for the positive list of the email server, which you are welcome to forward to your IT department in case of need: https://support.logmeininc.com/de/gotomeeting/help/why-didnt-i-get-my-reset-password-email-g2m090077.

I am unable to attend my session.

If you experience problems connecting to your webinar, follow the troubleshooting tips below.
First, choose the situation that best applies to you: 

I received an error message when trying to download the software.

When trying to join the webinar, I received an error message.

I can see the webinar but cannot hear the audio (or vice versa).

What does an in-house webinar offer?

Only participants from one company or an associated group of companies take part in an in-house webinar. We put together such webinars for you individually and in close personal contact with you. Possible topics can be found in our TOPIC CATALOGUE. If your desired topic is not included, we will be happy to develop it for you.

In addition, you will always receive a selection of different topics from us for your company at a special group price: e.g. complete webinar series lasting several hours for our in-house one-day training. In this case, the number of participants is not limited and you will also receive the recordings for unlimited use for in-house training purposes.

What content does a fundamentals webinar offer?

Within the scope of these events, we cover topics from the areas of GMP, CMC and drug approval. The aim of the webinars is to provide an overview of the existing requirements and to highlight essential aspects. They are aimed at all employees who want to get an overview of the basics of a topic and are generally also suitable for (recurring) basic training.

What content does a hot topic webinar offer?

At these events, we address current topics or the related information, evaluate them and explain possible consequences. Our aim is not only to provide information, but also to initiate processes in your teams and with your responsible persons that appear necessary or useful for the possible implementation of new or changed requirements.

What content does an update webinar offer?

With these events we inform you compactly and concisely about the progress of developments, the status of continuous discussions on a topic or the implementation of new or changed requirements.