Dr. Fandrich Rechtsanwälte (Bonn)

RAin Dr. Angela Graf

RAin Dr. Angela Graf

is a lawyer specialising in medical device law and deals with all legal aspects, such as liability issues, certifications, contacts with authorities, etc. Previously, Dr Graf represented the interests of manufacturers of so-called material medical devices vis-à-vis national and international politics as a consultant for medical device law at the Bundesverband der Arzneimittelhersteller e.V. (Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers) in Bonn.
She is therefore familiar with medical device law in all its facets from its creation.

                                                                    One of our experts fpr medical device law

Dr. Graf is co-editor of the guide "Praxis Medizinprodukterecht" (TÜV Media GmbH) and author of numerous specialist articles on medical device law, including the Praxishandbuch Medizinprodukterecht. She is a sought-after speaker at many events and head of the module "Medical Devices" in the Master's programme "Drug Regulatory Affairs" (M.D.R.A.) at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.

She rounded off her profile with the Master of Health and Medical Management. For her Master's thesis "Material Medical Devices in the Context of Current Law", she was awarded the Science Prize Medical Device Law 2017.