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Our most booked intensive training
Development of suitable test methods and their validation

The training is not only suitable for newcomers, but is also very well suited to deepen and consolidate existing knowledge.

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All of our daily activities are characterized by a high level of dynamism and a complex, highly regulated environment with intrinsically constant change. With the resulting maximum workload, all activities in the context of your further education and training as well as that of your employees must inevitably be focused on what is demand-driven and actually required, while being designed in an individually targeted manner.

Our ambition is therefore not to offer a wide range of seminars covering every topic that could be considered relevant in the pharmaceutical environment with its fringe areas. Rather, we want to address precisely those topics that, from our experience, are actually currently relevant to practice.

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Eine Gruppe Teilnehmer in einem unserer Seminare
Intensive training

In designing the content, we attach importance to presenting the topics covered as comprehensively as possible and also focus on the practical implementation of existing and, above all, new requirements.

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Seminarunterlagen für unsere Seminar auf Schulungstischen
Face-to-face seminars

These events thrive on the exchange among colleagues and the possibilities to optimally contribute individual questions. We address precisely those topics that, in our experience, are actually relevant to practice.

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Gruppen in Seminare besprechen sich

We address current topics with our annual symposia. We place particular emphasis on the dialogue between industry and authorities. In addition, the symposia have established themselves as networking events.

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