Skan AG

Richard Denk

works in the position of Senior Consultant Aseptic Processing and Containment at SKAN AG. The company SKAN (Switzerland) is a global market leader in the production of aseptic cleanrooms for handling sterile pharmaceutical products. In his role, Mr. Denk is involved in all developments of SKAN and also supports their partners and customers in all GMP areas as well as in the manufacture of highly active products or of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). Following his mechanical engineering studies, he completed additional training as an expert for GMP, qualification, validation, auditing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hygiene design and quality control and has now been working in pharmaceutical manufacturing for almost 30 years.

Mr. Denk has developed the containment pyramid, which is now applied all over the world and is an international and keynote speaker on pharmaceutical manufacturing in the areas of hygiene design, cleaning, containment, aseptic production, application of robotics in pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as a speaker on the manufacture of ATMPs.

Apart from his activities in the organisations ISPE (Founder and Chair of ISPE DACH Community of Practise CoP Containment) and PDA, he is also an expert author at the publishing house Peither GMP Verlag.