ALPHATOPICS stands for "ALPHA Training of Professionals and Individual Consulting Services". Behind the name is an innovative training concept designed for the pharmaceutical and life science industry: developed on the basis of many years of experience and sustainably oriented.

"Sustainability" according to ALPHATOPICS means that the focus of our further education and training events is on recurring, because permanently relevant, and current topics with their most important contents ("Essentials") and the currently foreseeable as well as future expected trends ("Updates").

In addition to our basic program, we also offer customized in-house training courses and webinars on other special topics of importance to various areas of the pharmaceutical industry.

What distinguishes us from other providers is our willingness and ability to respond to almost all of our customers' special requirements and technical wishes in a way that is factually precise, suitable in terms of personnel and flexible in terms of presentation. Last but not least, due to our own long-term practical experience in the various subject areas, we are also able to constructively advise our customers in their respective professional situations with regard to possible and desired further development or also in case of (sudden) new challenges, as well as to support them in a beneficial and profitable way ("Individual Personal Consulting").

Our continuous consulting activities result in a close relationship to the real pharmaceutical day-to-day business. Only in this way is it possible for us to gear our events strictly to the actual needs that exist in practice. In doing so, we do not want to cover all possible topics in an inflationary manner, but rather focus on exactly those topics that we perceive to be relevant. We receive significant support from selected speakers from the authorities and industry, whom we have come to know and appreciate as competent colleagues from our own experience and who we are therefore sure can actually give expert answers to the respective topics.

As a special service, we offer you support for up to one month after our seminar events for existing questions that are related to the respective seminar topic.


ALPHATOPICS offers its customers generic concepts for personnel development and further education beyond the classically used platforms - seminars and conferences - which are specifically focused on certain topics. These events differ from the events of other providers mainly by their current practical relevance. This is not least due to the fact that only colleagues whose competence is based on recent practical experience are considered for the selection of speakers.

If you wish, we will also be happy to work with you to design customized individual concepts. In order to optimally achieve the goals you have defined, we will put together the necessary content, specially adapted to your current needs, suitable speakers and associated media. In this way, we jointly develop YOUR training program for individuals, small and large groups. This arrangement between "Individual Consulting" and "Customised Training" starts where classical seminars or concepts offered by classical seminar providers reach their limits.

The team of ALPHATOPICS would like to accompany you in a competent and goal-oriented way and support you individually and sustainably in developing and implementing professional solution approaches on your own. For this purpose we would like to give you the appropriate impetus.

At the same time, as our customers we would also like to see you benefit from our networks and support you in the development of your own networks.

Our constant goal is to strengthen and expand the communication platform for experienced colleagues, primarily from the pharmaceutical industry, but also from adjacent areas such as drug-related products, food, medical devices and cosmetics. The interactive exchange of ideas and experiences with colleagues from authorities, politics and universities is to be explicitly promoted.

Dr. Markus Veit

Dr. Markus Veit

is a pharmacist specializing in pharmaceutical analysis. He studied pharmacy in Frankfurt and completed his doctorate and post-doctoral habilitation at the Julius Maximilian University in Würzburg. 

  • Since 1999 he has been managing director of service companies for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • He is the founder and managing director of ALPHATOPICS GmbH
  • Member or chairman of various expert committees, e.g. member of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Committee of the German Pharmacopoeia
  • Since 2000, conception, management and lecturing activities in the context of numerous further education and training courses for employees of the pharmaceutical industry and related fields
  • Academic teaching at the University of Frankfurt, the University of Florida and as part of "Consumer Health Care" studies at the University of Berlin

The curriculum vitae of Dr. Veit as download

Ulrike Veit

Ulrike Veit

holds a degree in business administration. She studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich with a focus on hospitality management. She is also a certified mediator and systemic business coach for executives and teams in various companies.

  • She is managing director of ALPHATOPICS GmbH and responsible for business development.
  • Since 2004 she is in leading position in the area of qualification, learning and further education
  • Experienced executive in strategic business management and comprehensive stakeholder management
  • Strong communicator and networker

Our advisory board

The Alphatopics management is supported by an advisory board in order to optimally align the various industry-relevant topics with our customers’ specific interests and to be able to capture this diversity of topics in our seminars, webinars, courses and training sessions. The members of the advisory board regularly share their knowledge and expertise as well as their many years of experience in conceptually designing our advanced training programme.

Dr. Nicole Armbrüster
Dr. Nicole Armbrüster

Phyto expert

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Felix Kern
Dr. Felix Kern

Associate Director / Head of Compliance Launch an Technology Center

Merck Healthcare KGaA

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Fritz Roeder
Fritz Röder

Director - Site Account Engineer

Merck Healthcare KGaA

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Ralf Sibbing
Ralf G. Sibbing

Managing Director

TentaConsult Pharma & Med GmbH

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