ALPHATOPICS stands for “ALPHA Training of Professionals and Individual Consulting Services“, which refers to an innovative vocational training concept.

Via the platforms “seminars, webinars and conferences”, ALPHATOPICS offers its clients generic concepts for staff development and further training targeted to specific topics. These concepts mainly differentiate themselves from the events offered by other companies by their current practical relevance.

However, upon request and in agreement with you we will also design customised individual inhouse training events, inhouse webinars for your teams and coaching concepts for individual employees. 

Seminars & Webinars

It is not our ambition to offer a wide variety of seminars covering every topic. We rather intend to address exactly those topics that in our experience are in fact currently relevant to practice.

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Inhouse Training

For its success it is strong personalities among its own staff rather than consultants that your company needs. We strive to enhance your competence and that of your employees.

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Individual Coaching

Success is generated by superiors who are accepted by the staff. You are successful if you have interpersonal skills and professional expertise. This is where we would like to support you,

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