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Development of analytical test methods, their validation and...

The 2 1/2 day intensive training is our most requested seminar.

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ALPHATOPICS stands for "ALPHA Training of Professionals and Individual Consulting Services". Behind the name is an innovative training concept designed for the pharmaceutical and life science industry: developed on the basis of many years of experience and sustainably oriented.

"Sustainability" according to ALPHATOPICS means that the focus of our further education and training events is on recurring, because permanently relevant, and current topics with their most important contents ("Essentials") and the currently foreseeable as well as future expected trends ("Updates").

But not only from our basic program, but also on other special topics of importance for different areas of the pharmaceutical industry ...

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Our Hot-Topic webinars

At these events, we address current issues or the related information, evaluate them and explain possible consequences.

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Our Update webinars

With these events we inform you compactly and concisely about the progress of developments, the status of ongoing discussions on a topic or the implementation of new or changed requirements.

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Free customer webinar

Save the Date: 17/02/2023 at 10:00 am.

Once a quarter, we will inform you free of charge about current developments and would like to make you aware of topics that we have included in our webinar…

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Contingent booking of 10 Webinars

During this time, many companies reduce their activities and limit their travel, so the time freed up can be used for training. Save by booking a webinar package!

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Benefit from our customized in-house seminars / webinars

This type of training is independent of the size of the company or the audience. Coordinate your needs and training content individually with us. Get a first overview of possible in-house training…

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Online Intensive Training

With our online intensive training, you receive the content in e-learning format.

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