MJ Universe GmbH

Lisa Haag

has been active in the cannabis industry since 2017. In July 2018, she founded MJ Universe GmbH, a publisher of digital products (e.g. Krautinvest.de) and a collaborative network to connect businesses along the hemp and cannabis value chain. She works with a network of specialised experts to advise businesses looking to navigate the European cannabis ecosystem.
She holds a degree in Business Administration (IUBH, Bad Honnef) and a Bachelor of Business (Victoria University, Melbourne) in Hospitality Management. Lisa worked for many years for companies in strategic and regional sales for facility management services (IFM, TFM, CFM, etc.), including in the healthcare sector. Lisa is a founding member and part of the board of the German cannabis industry association BvCW e.V. and an active member of the Cannafem Network - a professional network for women, hemp and cannabis.