GMP seminars - not only useful for employees in the pharmaceutical industry, but a must! Regardless of whether you are new to the subject or wish to deepen your knowledge as part of a continuing GMP education programme: Only those who always stay up to date can really live up to their responsibility towards patients and colleagues, especially when it comes to the topic of GMP. A truly effective GMP seminar requires, above all, real expertise from the field. Thanks to our decades of experience in the industry and our renowned lecturers, we are in a position to offer you just that. Understandably explained knowledge for every level of expertise - see for yourself!

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GMP Seminar: The GMP Quality Management System

Good Manufacturing Practice ("GMP") is based on a whole series of specifications for quality assurance in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicinal products, as well as their quality control. Appropriate quality assurance is particularly important because only quality-assured manufacturing and testing can ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines and thus protect patients and consumers.

Such an elementary topic in the pharmaceutical industry must be taken seriously, especially by newcomers, those starting out on their careers or those who have been retrained. During our GMP seminars you will not only learn and deepen the basics, but you will directly benefit from the knowledge of the latest developments and existing requirements.

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Experienced Lectures for our GMP Seminars:

Our lecturers are experienced experts in their field. They have extensive experience in GMP requirements and CMC issues. They impart the knowledge you need and present the frequently abstract specifications to you in such a way that you can directly draw up to practical implementation concepts. Our lecturers are able to answer your questions thoroughly within the scope of our GMP seminars and help you with advice.

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Expand Your Networks

Compared to online events, on-site seminars also offer you a personal advantage: our GMP seminars bring you together with colleagues from other companies but with similar responsibilities. Use our GMP seminars to expand your networks and to exchange experiences in GMP and CMC topics. Newcomers in particular, but also experienced colleagues, can benefit from these events.

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Continuing GMP Education, GMP Training: Stay Up to the Date

As an essential element, the GMP quality management system also contains binding requirements for the further training of personnel involved in the manufacture and testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicinal products. Thus, it is clearly regulated: Continuous training in GMP should not only be a personal requirement, even for experienced employees in the pharmaceutical industry, but a mandatory one.

With us, you will receive effective GMP training that will help you to stay up to date and reliably meet and understand current requirements. We provide direct practical examples and thus ensure that you can actually apply the knowledge you have learned in your everyday professional life.


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GMP Training Courses for the Entire Value Chain

Our GMP seminars cover the entire value chain and are designed in accordance with the current requirements of the EU GMP Guide. With our GMP seminars we cover all relevant product types: active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, packaging materials and, finally, medicinal products. Our GMP seminars address the specific requirements for all relevant product categories, such as sterile drugs, biological drugs, herbal medicinal products or combinations with medical devices.

We offer GMP seminars on all relevant aspects of manufacturing; for example, they all cover the pharmaceutical development of manufacturing processes and analytical methods as well as the establishment of the control strategy, process validations and validation of analytical test methods, requirements and analytical methods for packaging materials, stability testing and requirements for life-cycle changes.