Pharma seminars from leading experts in the industry for your success

In the pharmaceutical industry, we are regarded as experienced experts for continuing education and training. In our seminars and webinars, you benefit from the expertise of our speakers in our seminars and webinars, as well as in the context of in-house training courses designed individually for our customers.  In all training formats, we attach great importance to a high level of practical relevance, which we can ensure not least through the many years of experience of our speakers. With our seminars, we address current developments in the pharmaceutical environment and also cover topics on products in the borderline area, such as medical devices, food and dietary supplements, and cosmetics. 

Our Pharma Seminars

Our pharma seminars as well as events concerning topics related to pharma frontiers (face-to-face and online) are specifically tailored to the needs of the pharma and life science industry. In particular, our multi-day seminars offer you the opportunity to expand your networks and exchange ideas with colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry and related industries. This means not only the exchange of knowledge and best practices, but also the establishment of contacts that will help you to have contact persons for technical questions even after our seminars in the highly regulated pharmaceutical environment.

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Our value concepts

We attach great importance to a practical orientation and provide you with the necessary knowledge to make your work more effective and successful. Our experts are not only at your side during the training sessions and are happy to answer your questions afterwards. You will benefit from our wide range of topics and the associated impulses for your daily work.

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Overall, Alphatopics events in the pharmaceutical industry as well as related industries can help to improve the knowledge and professional competence of employees, thus increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of processes as well as improving the competitiveness of the company. 

Frequently asked questions

What do our seminars, webinars and in-house training courses in the pharmaceutical industry stand for?

Our seminars, webinars and in-house training courses can be used to train employees in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, medical device and cosmetics sectors on new developments, processes and technologies relevant to their work. For example, on topics such as GMP, GDP, GACP, CMC, ICH, qualification, calibration, process development, process validation, drug development and approval, clinical trials, quality control and assurance, medical devices, dietary supplements, regulatory requirements and much more.

Who are our pharmaceutical seminars aimed at?

Pharmaceutical seminars are generally aimed at professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, such as developers, engineers, employees in the laboratory, manufacturing and quality assurance, regulatory affairs managers, laboratory managers, manufacturing managers, control managers, qualified persons and the management responsible for them. In individual cases, our topics also address basic knowledge for newcomers or those just starting out in their careers, or provide support in deepening specialized knowledge. Participation requirements may vary depending on the seminar or webinar.  

What are the advantages of pharmaceutical seminars?

Our pharma seminars and webinars offer participants the opportunity to deepen or broaden their knowledge of existing and new regulatory requirements. Our update events address the latest trends and developments. Participants can learn from experienced experts and deepen their knowledge in specific areas. Our speakers are always eager to answer any questions participants may have during or after the events. In addition, pharma seminars also offer the opportunity to establish and expand networks and make valuable contacts in the industry. 

What are the types of pharmaceutical seminars?

We differentiate our pharmaceutical seminars into face-to-face seminars, webinars and in-house training. The latter can be designed individually for our customers in presence or web-based formats. There are basic, update and in-depth training courses through to intensive training in small groups. These can vary in duration, from one-day to multi-day, one-part to multi-part.