Your pharmaceutical company has new employees who need to be trained in GMP? You want to bring your long-time employees up to date? With GMP training courses from ALPHATOPICS, employees in the pharmaceutical industry get the optimal combination of knowledge and practical relevance they need to comply with standards in their daily work.

Especially in the important area of GMP quality assurance, it is essential that all colleagues know what is important. Only in this way can the company work hand in hand to implement the necessary measures. At ALPHATOPICS, your employees receive real expert knowledge from experienced lecturers within the framework of a GMP training course - at the highest theoretical level and yet with direct reference to practice.

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On-site GMP training with top-notch instructors

Whoever books a GMP training course with ALPHATOPICS can be sure to receive knowledge from renowned experts with a close connection to practice. We offer your staff a relaxed yet focused working atmosphere and the opportunity to grow as a team. Our GMP courses not only include expertise on GMP requirements and CMC issues, but also ensure that your staff will be able to put the theoretical requirements into practice in the future. Our instructors are also available for any follow-up questions and advice.

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GMP Training: The principle of GMP

GMP stands for "Good Manufacturing Practice". The system, which serves quality assurance, contains corresponding specifications for the production and quality control of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs.

It is important to note that these specifications are by no means static, but are continually adapted to new regulations and the state of the art in science and technology. Anyone who wants to act in the interests of patient health must therefore ensure that employees receive regular GMP training and GMP courses. Every pharmaceutical company should pay attention to the highest quality - and this is exactly what we guarantee with our customized GMP training courses.

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Book GMP training: For the optimal qualification of your personnel

The proper manufacture of medicinal products depends on the personnel. Therefore, qualified personnel must be available in sufficient numbers to perform all tasks that are the responsibility of the manufacturer. All personnel should be aware of the principles of good manufacturing practice that concern them and should be trained at the beginning of their work and on an ongoing basis.

This qualification of personnel takes place on several levels. We support you at all levels with our GMP training courses and GMP courses. Our GMP training courses serve to train new employees, but can also be used to refresh existing GMP knowledge and keep it up to date. Finally, with our GMP training courses, we support your employees in familiarizing themselves with new tasks and taking on new responsibilities.

By participating in our in-house training courses, pharmaceutical personnel are able to understand and interpret GMP requirements and thus contribute to appropriate implementation concepts in your company in the pharmaceutical industry. Our GMP courses are hands-on and can be designed to be interactive so that they can apply what they have learned directly in the work environment.

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Our GMP trainings and GMP courses: Basic or specific

Chapter 2 of the EU GMP Guide stipulates that the manufacturer of medicinal products must provide training for all persons who have to perform tasks in the production or storage areas or in control laboratories (including technical maintenance and cleaning personnel), as well as for other personnel whose activities could influence product quality.

In order to meet this obligation, we design our GMP training courses in accordance with the latest requirements of the EU GMP Guide. Our GMP training courses therefore cover basic training in the theory and practice of the Good Manufacturing Practice quality management system. Newly hired personnel can thus be trained accordingly with regard to the tasks assigned to them in each case. In addition, we design GMP training courses for ongoing training and efficient implementation of GMP requirements in practice.

Finally, we offer GMP training courses and GMP courses covering special topics, for example for personnel working in areas with special contamination risks (e.g. clean areas or areas where highly active, toxic, infectious or sensitizing substances are handled). Here, our in-house training courses and courses map specific training.

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