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Our daily activities are characterised by high dynamics and a complex, strongly regulated environment exposed to intrinsically continuous changes. Given the resulting maximum workload, all activities, according to your own further and vocational training as well as that of your employees, must inevitably be focussed on what is actually demanded and really necessary and organised in an individually targeted manner at that.

Therefore it is not our ambition to offer a wide variety of seminars covering every topic possibly considered relevant in the pharmaceutical environment and its bordering fields. We rather intend to address exactly those topics that are in fact currently relevant to practice.

In this context ideas and concepts based on which existing regulatory requirements can pragmatically and efficiently be put into daily practice play a central role. What is particularly important to us in this respect is bringing together the perceptions of our counterparts from authorities and industry and – in all kinds of cases – reaching a consensus with regard to possible practical implementation concepts or otherwise giving impulses as to how existing regulations that are removed from reality or unsuitable for practice can be further developed and made practicable.

As a special service following our seminars, we offer our support for questions related to the topic of the respective seminar or webinar for up to one month. 


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