Contingent booking of 10 Webinars

During this time, many companies reduce their activities and limit their travel, so the time freed up can be used for training. Save by booking a webinar package!

When booking via your company contingent, you save 18% and more with every e-learning booking...

Combine 10 individual webinars from the topics offered - live or recorded.

The fee includes the viewing of ten individual webinars via a personal account (you will receive a new account for each presentation) as well as the receipt of the slides shown as a printable PDF file. The time of viewing is determined by the person booking the webinar. We do not need any further information about this. It is possible to make an interruption/pause. To do this, use the player functions of the webinar tool. You can retrieve your contingent from us within two years - to do this, simply indicate in the booking dialog of the training that you have a contingent.

Booking examples:

  • 10 different single webinars are booked by one person
  • one single webinar is booked by 10 persons
  • the contingent is divided among several people and applied to different topics
  • The contingent is assigned by us to your company - not explicitly to individual persons or departments. You take care of the internal allocation and administration yourself.

For special group bookings of a specific webinar of more than 10 persons or specially designed company in-house trainings please write to us -

To the contingent booking