Benefit from our customized in-house seminars / webinars

This type of training is independent of the size of the company or the audience. Coordinate your needs and training content individually with us. Get a first overview of possible in-house training (courses) with the help of our brochure. Your topics are not included? No problem - please contact us.

Your daily activities are increasingly determined by operating in interdisciplinary teams. Your company needs fewer consultants for its success, but more strong personalities in its own ranks. We want to strengthen your competence and that of your employees. We see our task in supporting you in the horizontal transfer of knowledge in your company with the aim of broadening the common knowledge base. Learning together increases the feeling of togetherness and communication in any company and thus guarantees joint successes. Shared successes motivate teams and bring together the competencies of all team members. Quality is not a goal, but a process that requires active, conscious action and must be worked out strategically.

Successful training requires customized concepts. Training content can be individually tailored. To this end, you can adopt suggested topics from our topic catalog, adapt them individually or design the content yourself. In the case of in-house training, you determine the composition of the group and the number of participants. The trainings can be booked in presence or as an online event, you determine the scope, for shorter trainings we offer you individually compiled in-house webinars. These offer concentrated knowledge transfer, usually over 90 minutes. Participation in online training courses (if necessary in blocks spread over several days) or webinars can be easily integrated into your daily routine. You can participate conveniently from anywhere in the world from your own computer and ask questions of the speakers as well as participate in group discussions. No travel is required. Only participants from one company or a related group of companies take part in these events. We put together the content for you in consultation with you. You will always receive an individual offer for this customized concept.

Even smaller companies can benefit from a customized in-house seminar or in-house webinar, as this type of training is not dependent on the size of the company or the target group. In this sense, the topics compiled here are not to be considered exhaustive, but are intended to provide orientation. Redundancies in the thematic compilations result from the overlapping of individual contents.

In principle, we offer all training courses and webinars in either English or German.

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