Individual Coaching

Success is generated by superiors who are accepted by the staff. "Good" bosses surround themselves with good employees. In this respect expertise is one of the most important factors of success. Only if you know and understand the complex rules and standards in the pharmaceutical environment will it be possible for your work to be accepted by the authorities and therefore successful. This is where we would like to support you

We can also support you in the following situations:

  • You are facing or have executed a change in status or position within your company or in a new company?
  • You intend to optimise or reorganise processes?
  • You feel you can’t cope, you wish to beat stress and counteract burn-out?
  • You would like to use our feedback for your decisions?

We offer you customised, personal coaching and/or individualised training; as appropriate also training of very small groups or teams. This training may consist of various elements, ranging from consulting to concrete issues to intensive training on regulatory and practical aspects in a new work environment you have to familiarise yourself with. We provide feedback on your suggestions for solving problems and on your concepts for putting regulatory requirements into practice.

As "business angel" we also support (young) entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses. You will profit from our know-how and our contacts.

We help you to boost your personal and professional success. In doing so it goes without saying that we employ the proper discretion and adhere to a strictly bilateral model.