About Alphatopics

ALPHATOPICS stands for “Training of Professionals and Individual Consulting Services“, which refers to an innovative vocational training concept conceived for the pharmaceutical and life science industry: developed based on long-standing experience and oriented towards sustainability.

For ALPHATOPICS "sustainability" means: current and (because they are continuously relevant) recurring topics with their most important contents ("essentials") and their currently foreseeable trends as well as trends expected in the future ("updates") are the focus of our training and coaching courses.

However, we offer individual and customised inhouse training not only from our basic programme but also on further special topics important for different fields of the pharmaceutical industry ("customised training").

Above all we distinguish ourselves from other providers by our will and ability to respond to almost any of our clients' special requirements and requests in a factually precise manner, flexible in presentation and appropriately staffed. Not least by our own long-standing practical experience in the different topics are we moreover in a position to constructively consult as well as beneficially and profitably support our clients in their respective job situation with respect to a possible or intended further development or in case of (sudden) new challenges ("individual personal consulting").

Our continuous consulting activities result in a close relation to the real pharmaceutical day-to-day business, which is one of the most important reasons why we can strictly design our seminars in a way that they meet the current, actually existing needs in practice. In doing so it is not our intention to excessively cover all kinds of topics but to exactly focus on those topics we consider to be relevant. In this intention we are substantially supported by selected speakers from authorities and industry, who we ourselves have come to know and appreciate as competent colleagues and who we are sure to be actually able to competently answer questions on the respective topics.

As a special service following our seminars, we offer our support for questions related to the topic of the respective seminar for up to one month.

Experience vocational training in an attractive environment! You can attend our meetings in Berlin on the 37th floor and during the break enjoy the view of the entire city.

In such a pleasant environment it will be easy for you to casually make new and important contacts, to network with interesting colleagues and also to exchange your thoughts and experience with us and the other participants on the sidelines of the training courses.

What Alphatopics has to offer

Beyond the classically used platforms - seminars and conferences - ALPHATOPICS offers its clients generic concepts for staff development and further training targeted to specific topics. These events mainly differentiate themselves from the events offered by other companies by their current practical relevance. This applies not least because exclusively those colleagues whose competence is actually based on recent practical experience are taken into account in the selection of speakers.

Upon request, however, we will also design customised individual concepts together with you. For achieving the objectives to be defined by you in a most optimal manner, we will organise the necessary appropriate speakers and related media specifically in accordance with your current requirements. This is how we develop YOUR training programme together with you for individuals, small and larger groups. This arrangement between "individual consulting" and "customised training" begins where classical seminars and/or concepts offered by other companies reach their limits.

The ALPHATOPICS team would like to accompany you in a competent and target-oriented manner and individually support you in the long term in developing and implementing professional solution scenarios yourself. For this purpose we would like to give you the appropriate impulses. At the same time we would also like to enable you as our clients to benefit from our networks and to support you in expanding your own networks.
The constant aim in this context should be the long-term strengthening and expansion of the communication platform offered for experienced colleagues primarily from the pharmaceutical industry, but also from adjacent sectors like borderline products, food, medical devices and cosmetics. The interactive exchange of thoughts and experience with colleagues from authorities, politics and universities should explicitly be promoted in this respect.



Professor Dr. Markus Veit

Prof. Dr. Markus Veit

is pharmacist for pharmaceutical analysis. He studied pharmacy in Frankfurt, did his PhD and was promoted to professor at Julius-Maximilian-University in Würzburg. Today, apart from his numerous tasks in different companies, he is also adjunct professor at Goethe-University Frankfurt.

  • Since 1999 Managing Director in companies providing services for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Currently Managing Director of i.DRAS GmbH (International Drug Regulatory Affairs Services) in Planegg near Munich, of HWI ANALYTIK GmbH in Rülzheim and of ALPHATOPICS GmbH
  • Member and/or chairman of different expert committees, e. g. member of the Committee for Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the German Pharmacopoeia 
  • Since 2000 conception, supervision and lecturing within numerous further training courses as well as training courses for employees in the pharmaceutical industry and adjacent sectors 
  • Academic teaching at the University of Frankfurt, University of Florida and within the scope of the "Consumer Health Care" study programme at the University of Berlin

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